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psychicprotectionHere is a new Psychic Protection video I’ve just created.   Listen to it to help cleanse your aura of any negative influences.  Psychically protect yourself from psychic vampires, bad energies, negative thoughts and influences and more.  The more you listen to the psychic protection video the more you should carry around with you the feeling of being protected wherever you go.

Affirmations in your new Psychic Protection video include the following:

You are surrounded with love.
You are protected and at peace.
The white light of love always surrounds you.
You project an aura of immense power.
Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are protected.
Love surrounds you.
You are protected.
Peace surrounds you.
You are protected.
Angels surround you.
You are protected.
Love and light flows through you.
The white light of love flows with you.
The white light of love goes with you, wherever you go.
Wherever you go, you are protected.
You are happy.
You are light hearted.
You flow with love.
You flow with light.

Feel free to listen to this psychic protection video often to help rid yourself of any negative energies.   For Guided Meditation for relaxation and spiritual growth be sure to check out Explore Meditation!

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  1. Ariana says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful video!!!!! God bless you Bob and all of you at Real Psychic and Wealthvibes for this incredidble help you are giving us!

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