Psychic Tana Hoy talks Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

psychic Tana HoyFamous psychic Tana Hoy talks about guardian angels and spirit guides in the psychic power video above.   According to Tana Hoy the difference between guardian angels and spirit guides are both spiritual energy beings but guardian angels have never lived on earth and they do actually have wings while spirit guides are those that have lived many lives previously on earth.

In the video above psychic Tana Hoy also discusses psychic energy.   I’ve also included another quick video below of Tana Hoy teaching you how to activate your third eye chakra.   According to Hoy activating the third eye chakra or energy center, which is located on your forehead between your eyes, can help you activate the psychic energy to enable you to see auras, guardian angels and other spiritual entities.


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  1. Happy Lady says:

    I had a reading with Tana Hoy recently, and it was amazing! He told me things about my childhood, and myself, that I have never told anyone. He was not only extremely accurate, but he was also very kind.

    I’ve had several readings from other psychics before, including Sylvia Browne, and their readings didn’t even come close to Tana’s. If you are looking for an excellent psychic, and someone who can give you accurate answers, definitely check him out. He’s very good. Thank you Tana for such an amazing reading!

  2. suleiman samsodien says:

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  3. Real seaker says:

    This guy is total scam. I have had a reading with this idiot.he was just throwing out junk. Some general information. He asked me, what happened. Then he gives me time span of 6-8 months to happen and then asks me to have one more reading evry 3 going to a dentist.idito fellow. Then he says i am the only psychic eho can read you effectively because my energy is greater than you. He was coughing for half of the time he was speaking for. Guys, stay away from this scammer and idiot, he just takes money.i think he was even drunk while giving me reading. Guys, trust me. I have taped my reading. I keep laughing out of my ass when i listen to it and at the same time feel bad for myself. I lost 250 dollars on this crappy scammer. Dont even give a penny to him.

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