Psychic Twin Telepathy or Something Else

twintelepathyIs there such a thing as psychic twin telepathy or a special psychic bond between twins?  We’ve looked at that before and there does seem to be some evidence that twins share a special link that seems to go beyond the physical.  You do have to be careful though when looking at some of that apparent evidence as you’ll see below.

In the first video, there is a real interesting look at two young twin sisters.  One has an injury in which she gets an abrasion under her eye.  The other sister in another location seems to develop a sympathetic similar shading under her eye as well.  What do you think?  Is that kind of thing possible?   After that story is another one of twin boys and what happens when is injured in a tragic accident.

The next video below follows two sets of twins that set up a twin telepathy experiment to see if they can guess each other’s thoughts.  Now, obviously there is no rigorous scientific process here and we don’t know for sure if this is staged or not, but their enthusiasm is contagious.  What do you think – is this real and do these sets of twins have a psychic connection?

Of course, if you’ve ever been in a long term relationship you may have no doubt that there is a closer bond and what some may call a psychic connection.  You may sometimes finish each other’s sentences, think the same thing at the same time or seem to know what the other person is thinking.

And, finally the video below is an example of what may be two twins psychic bond – or not.  Why I say that is that although these two seem to hit on a number of guesses in common with their experiment, the experiment itself seems flawed.  They both come up with words to put in a hat and then draw them out one at a time and write down the first thing that pops into their head.  Now, if each twin has a similar memory in common attached to that word it may just be that that is the reason that one or more of them picked the word in the first place and then it was even more likely that the same response to that word would be had by both.  What probably would have been a better experiment would have been for someone else write a bunch of words down.  Of course, there just may be some twin telepathy involved here – who knows for sure!  Watch the popular youtube Merrell twins try to showcase a little twin telepathy.


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