Psychic Visions, Cheating Spouses and Mobsters

Psychic VisionsWell, this post has a little bit of everything .  You’ve got the psychic visions of a mob wife that lead her to discover that her husband had been cheating on her.  Not only that but further psychic visions showed that the affair had produced a child!

Fom the series I Married a Mobster in which these psychic visions are highlighted we originally had a video highlighting the story.  However, the video has since been removed.

Anyway, originally in the video we discover that Dawn was married to Anthony, a member of a prominent crime family.   Her gut was telling her that Anthony was cheating and a psychic vision lead her to a marina where she confirmed it.

After Anthony promised her that the affair was over, Dawn had another of her psychic visions in which she saw a pregnant woman and then a baby.  She then was psychically lead to look under a bed where she discovered a cell phone that had  pictures of the woman and the child.  The child turned out to be that of her husband and her husband’s mistress.   So, as heartbreaking as they were, in this case her psychic visions turned out to be true.

Hope you enjoyed today’s interesting post about psychic visions.  Let us know if you have had any psychic visions, good or bad in the comments section below.


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  1. Pennilyn lot says:

    Once in the 6th grade I had a dream that my bf at the time was kissing another girl. The next day at school my two friends came up to me sad and worried having to break the news to me. At this point I didn’t care that he cheated on me I was in shock that I had dreamed about it the night before. Recently my childes father and I had broke up but I thought we would get back together maybe we just needed a little space. Then I have a dream of him with another girl it woke me out of my sleep. The very next day my sisters boyfriend goes to his work to buy something not knowing we’re broken up and says his neck is full of hickys. Can someone please explain this to me ?

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