Rupert Sheldrake and His Experiments with the Extended Mind

extended mindIn this featured video scientist Rupert Sheldrake explains some of the experiments that he has conducted that demonstrate that our minds are not just confined to our heads.  He calls this the extended mind.   One of the experiments that he discusses we featured in another video post asking are pets psychic here at realpsychicpower.   Basically it showed that people’s pets seem to know when they are coming home and that the pet will head for the door at the owner’s house to wait for the arrival of the owner at the time that the owner gets ready to leave from a distant location.

In this extended mind video Sheldrake discusses unexplained abilities in humans and animals that seem to indicate that the mind functions beyond just the brain.  Sheldrake paints a picture of our minds being like fields that stretch out around us similar to magnetic fields.

Another extended mind experiment that Sheldrake discusses in the video is the sensation that you may have had before of being stared at.  Studies he performed indicated that we can often tell when others are staring at us even without seeing them do so.  In fact, he noted that in some professions, like private eyes for instance, those people whose job it is to watch others will often not focus fully on the person for fear of having them “know they are being stared at.”  He also stated that 90% of people have had an experience in which they correctly knew that someone was staring at them.

The extended mind experiments that Sheldrake discusses on being stared at were positive and significant and not the result of chance.  In addition, it was also found that the same was true when people were being looked at over closed circuit television.  In other words they could sense when someone was staring at them via closed circuit tv.  Interesting!  In fact, when talking with someone in the security field who had been trained by the FBI this security person asked the FBI agent what he should do if he saw someone doing something wrong via a closed circuit tv and was told that if he stared at him the person would probably stop what they were doing indicating that those in the know in security are well aware of this effect.

One of the very interesting things that Sheldrake discussed was the fact that there are a number of skeptic magazines and organizations with tens of thousands of members who are vigilant in offering diverse explanations to counter any scientific evidence supporting psychic phenomena.   In fact, he noted that at present there are about a half a dozen researchers conducting experiments in parapsychology (I don’t know if he was exaggerating on the low side but that does seem an awfully low number!) while there are about 100,ooo subscribers to these skeptic publications!   In one particular case, in which Sheldrake’s experiments were refuted out of hand, he challenged the skeptic do the tests that he did to verify the results, and sure enough the skeptic’s results were the same as Sheldrake’s.

If you have time to watch the entire video it is fascinating.  It’s a bit on the long side at an hour and half but definitely powerful evidence that the extended mind model or theory is better suited to explain what we experience.

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  1. Tomasz says:

    Interesting. But Mr. R. Sheldrake is moderator of Yahoo group Telepathy…
    And here is manything of more interesting.

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