Shared Death Experience Revealed by Dr. Raymond Moody

shared death experienceHave you heard of the “shared death experience?”   Evidently I am out of the loop.

I used to be an expert in all things having to do with the near death experience or nde.   I have read most of Raymond Moody’s books as well as Kubler-Ross and many of the others who studied and researched the nde.

So, I hadn’t done any real reading on the subject in years so wondered what ol Dr. Raymond Moody was up to.  Anyway, I came across this video where he discusses the concept of the shared death experience with Paul Perry.   Moody and Perry are co-authors of Glimpses of Eternity in which they discuss the concept of the shared death experience.   To check out the book on Amazon just click the cover on the left.

You are probably  familiar with the near death experience.   Essentially, many of those who undergo a near death experience report many of the same elements:  feeling like they are leaving their body, passing through a tunnel, seeing a bright white light, having a review of their life, and sometimes meeting friends or relatives who have already passed on before eventually being drawn back into the body.

Now with the shared death experience, not only does the person who is undergoing the nde have that experience, but so does the person they are with in the room at the time of the nde.  Talk about trippy!   As Dr. Moody explains in this video sometimes even the doctors will have a similar experience as the patient having the near death experience!   Most of the time though, the person sharing the experience is someone who has been very close to the person experiencing the nde.

As Dr. Moody points out the concept of  the shared death experience totally subverts the skeptics position that the nde is merely the result of oxygen deprivation to the brain or a mere chemical process.  I mean if two people are experiencing it and one of them isn’t dying there is no chance that it is just a result of chemicals in the brain causing visions for the dying person.   Of course, that concept had also previously been debunked with the many case studies involving those who had reported seeing and hearing things outside of the body during the nde that they could not have witnessed or known while in their “dying” state.

Hope you enjoyed this post detailing the shared death experience.  If you’ve had one or even an nde just let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Joy says:

    I astral projected when my mom died. I had only done it 2 times, spontaneously. But this time I felt stuck out of body and thought I died. I saw another dimension, it was energy or something, I remember colors were different and an intense feeling, like I was biting an electric cord. Me and my mom had a psychic bond sometimes, and she died of questionable circumstances. We weren’t in the same place though, I was across town, and we weren’t close either. I didn’t talk to her much for various reasons. So it really seemed weird. Inot life, I took care of her more, so I think I helped her cross over (I think she was killed)

  2. Matt Fraser says:

    I beleive we all have an ability to some extent. Great site thanks

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