Stand Back it’s Magnet Boy!

MagnetkidNikolai Kryaglyachenko is a 12-year-old boy who claims he is a human magnet.  Is this “Magnet Boy” a superhuman?

That question is open to debate.

What started this phenomenon?   The boy was almost killed when he was electrocuted by touching a metal lamp post in his native Russia.  Since that day he found that metals would stick to his skin and that he would act like a magnet attracting objects to his body.

Is Magnet Boy legit?  Maybe, maybe not.  As scientists have pointed out kids with smooth skin can certainly stick objects to the skin and have them stay there.  But, to what end – just for some publicity?  Possibly.  However, the one thing that lends credence to this story is that in many cases where folks develop some unique ability there is an accident or near death experience that takes place.  And this Magnet Boy had one of those.

So maybe it is possible that that event triggered some sort of  physical reaction in his body that turned him into Magnet Boy. Who knows what the truth is in this case but the possibility shouldn’t be discounted just because kids can cause items to stick on their skin in some instances.  Maybe, just maybe he really is Magnet Boy.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Below is a another video of the Russian Magnet Boy.


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