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Positive Spiritual Affirmations
This video contains a variety of positive spiritual affirmations to give your mind and spirit a nice boost. The positive spiritual affirmations found in the video include those listed below: You recognize and acknowledge the divine spirit in and around you. Divine gifts flow to you. You are the creator of your destiny. You are loved. You are loving. You welcome the divine spirit within you. You [...]
Subliminal Power 2 is Now Live!
Subliminal Power 2 is now live!  This is subliminal power software that is a cut above everything else.   For the March 14th launch date only you can also use a discount code to get an even bigger discount than the one currently offered.   Use the following code if the discount is still available:  DJ8374SNBDS Please give the page time to load as their server is getting bombarded today! Today [...]
Universal Mind Meditation
This Universal Mind Meditation video is designed to help you connect and access the powers of the universal mind.  Watch the video, put yourself into a meditative state of mind and allow the powerful positive affirmations to help you achieve that higher level of consciousness now. The affirmations in this Universal Mind Meditation video include the following: You are one with the universal mind. You [...]
Awakening Consciousness Video
This Awakening Consciousness video contains two sets of positive affirmations designed to help you align your life with your soul purpose and to help you live in a higher state of consciousness.   The video keeps you asking your  mind if you are awake and then prompts you to Awaken Now.   To help expand your consciousness and achieve a higher spiritual state or level of consciousness in your every [...]
Inner Light Meditation
The Inner Light Meditation is filled with powerful positive affirmations designed to help you access your inner light and flow with light and love.   This Inner Light Meditation is also filled with affirmations to help you gain supreme confidence. Grab the inner light now with this video containing  a nice soothing music background and nature video clips blended with mind power images! The [...]
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