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Inner Light Meditation
The Inner Light Meditation is filled with powerful positive affirmations designed to help you access your inner light and flow with light and love.   This Inner Light Meditation is also filled with affirmations to help you gain supreme confidence. Grab the inner light now with this video containing  a nice soothing music background and nature video clips blended with mind power images! The [...]
Alpha Mind Power Video
Here is an alpha mind power video with isochronic tones in the alpha range for brain wave entrainment and to help put you in an alpha state.  It also has positive mind power affirmations along with a peaceful soothing music background.   This is all geared to utilizing the power of the subconscious mind along with the conscious mind. The alpha state is found in the brainwave frequency between [...]
One Secret to Increase Your Mind Power
One secret to increase your mind power is to meditate everyday.   There have been so many reported benefits to doing meditation that it makes you wonder why everyone doesn't do it.  Reported benefits of doing as little as 20 minutes of meditation a day include increased physical and mental relaxation along with an expanse of spiritual harmony. In regards to learning how to increase your mind power, [...]
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