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Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System
The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System is a collection of our best power-packed videos and audios combined with some amazing bonuses all created to help you manifest the life of your dreams.  We recently put it on sale to make it an incredible bargain. When you check it out be sure to grab your free 22-minute Super Confidence Audio.  It is 22 minutes of pure power guaranteed to boost [...]
20 Free Meditation, Music and Mind Power Gifts!
The folks at mind power mp3 currently have a special promotion in which you get 20 meditation, music and mind power gifts all for FREE!     Just click the following link or the banner below to grab your gifts! FREE MEDITATION, MUSIC AND MIND POWER GIFTS! I don't know how long this offer will be available so be sure to get it now while it is still on!  Just click the link to see all the [...]
Clairvoyant Energy Video
This Clairvoyant Energy video was designed to help you open to the possibilities that the psychic ability of clairvoyance is possible and to  help you become more clairvoyant once you have that knowledge.  The Clairvoyant Energy video contains two sets of affirmations to help you expand your mind and see beyond the physical. The simple definition of clairvoyance is the ability to see and know [...]
Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit
The folks over at MindPowermp3 are celebrating their first birthday by giving You some free gifts!   Head on over to grab your Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit that contains 5 brilliant mp3s to help transform your life! Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit The Free Music and Magic Transformation Kit contains some amazing audios: 1) New and Exclusive - Improve your overall health [...]
Derren Brown Mind Control Video
Today we have some very intriguing videos featuring Derren Brown mind control expert.  Derren Brown is a real enigma.  He seems to blend hypnosis, nlp, illusions, and maybe even some magic to pull off his amazing feats.  He proclaims he is not psychic but he definitely seems to have some elevated powers of mental manipulation.   What you also have to keep in mind is that he is a master of misdirection. [...]
Infinite Mind Power Video
This infinite mind power video helps you connect your powerful mind with the infinite power of the universal mind.  You'll realize your connection with the infinite mind and hopefully draw on that infinite power to help boost your self esteem, confidence and look at life from a higher perspective. Take that power and let it flow into your life flooding it with light and love and helping you accomplish [...]
Your Amazing Mind
Your mind is an amazing thing.  In this Your Amazing Mind video you get a combination of positive powerful mind affirmations blended with a high energy music background.  The Your Amazing Mind video also features some brain power and mind power video clips along with some flashing mind power images. Below are the mind power affirmations you'll find repeated in the Your Amazing Mind video. You [...]
You are One With the Universe – Mind Power Video
In this mind power video the mind power mantra repeated is that you are one with the universe among other mind power affirmations.   What do you think of when you hear the affirmation or mantra  in this video that you are "one with the universe?"   Because the phrase "you are one with the universe" can be a bit vague and taken in a variety of ways, I would suggest that you allow your inner being [...]
The Greatest Mind Power Master?
Who is the greatest mind power master?   There are many legendary figures now and throughout history whose names come to mind.  Legendary tales of mind mastery have been told about Jesus, the Buddha, various yogi masters, Houdini, Bruce Lee, and many more. Amazing feats and miracles have been claimed and written about of these and other mind power masters.   But who is the greatest mind power master [...]
Dissolving Clouds with Your Mind
Clouds disappear or dissolve all the time quite naturally.   But have you ever tried  dissolving clouds with your mind? I first tried dissolving clouds, also known as cloud busting or cloud bursting, years ago after reading an old Yoga book by Jess Stearn.   I think Richard Bach must have adapted the idea from him or maybe it was already out there in the mass consciousness because he later wrote [...]
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