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Mind Power Exercise
Here is a mind power exercise video courtesy of Al Perhacs creator of the Mind Force mind power programs. In this mind power exercise video Perhacs is going to put you into a light hypnosis and ask you to spread your fingers out on one hand as far as you can.  He then asks you to visualize that there is a very thick strong rubber band that stretches from the first finger to the last.  He then [...]
Dissolving Clouds with Your Mind
Clouds disappear or dissolve all the time quite naturally.   But have you ever tried  dissolving clouds with your mind? I first tried dissolving clouds, also known as cloud busting or cloud bursting, years ago after reading an old Yoga book by Jess Stearn.   I think Richard Bach must have adapted the idea from him or maybe it was already out there in the mass consciousness because he later wrote [...]
10 Mind Power Secrets
The author of the book, 52 Mind Power Secrets, Terry Goss, gives away 10 mind power secrets on the salespage of his powerful ebook.   I read through them and felt immediately empowered and encourage you to do so as well. To get your 10 mind power secrets just click the link below and then scroll down the page about two-thirds of the way.   Click the link that is right underneath the headline [...]
Free Mind Power Training
If you are looking for free mind power training and psychic development training please sign up for our Free Mind Power Training list.  Just enter your email address into the box on the right, click submit and then check your email to confirm your free subscription! When you join with us you'll be giving your mind a big boost as we bring you information guaranteed to expand your mind power and [...]
A Million Dollar Secret
Are you looking for a million dollar secret?  I know, who isn't? The good news is that Anthony Norvell, author of the Million Dollar Secret that Lies Hidden Within Your Mind has found it and is willing to share it with you.   Below you'll find an excerpt from his course.   And, above you'll find one of half a dozen powerful free mind power videos you can get just by visiting his site, Hidden [...]
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