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Psychic Protection Video
Here is a new Psychic Protection video I've just created.   Listen to it to help cleanse your aura of any negative influences.  Psychically protect yourself from psychic vampires, bad energies, negative thoughts and influences and more.  The more you listen to the psychic protection video the more you should carry around with you the feeling of being protected wherever you go. Affirmations in [...]
Beware Too Accurate Psychic Readings
Beware too accurate psychic readings.  What you ask?  Isn't that exactly what you are looking for when trying to find a psychic?  Well, yes and no.  If the readings seem to be too good and come with a high price tag then you should be on high alert. How can you tell if a reading seems to be too good and you might be the victim of a psychic scam?  Think about what the psychic is hitting on accurately [...]
Psychic Tana Hoy talks Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
Famous psychic Tana Hoy talks about guardian angels and spirit guides in the psychic power video above.   According to Tana Hoy the difference between guardian angels and spirit guides are both spiritual energy beings but guardian angels have never lived on earth and they do actually have wings while spirit guides are those that have lived many lives previously on earth. In the video above psychic [...]
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