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10 Ways to Boost Psychic Powers
In the video above psychic Jamie Clark gives you 10 ways to improve or boost your psychic powers.  If you are looking to develop psychic abilities or just improve the psychic powers you may already possess please check it out.  Here are 4 tips from the 10 that Jamie gives in the video.  For the others just watch the quick video now. The first method Jamie talks about is meditation which is often [...]
Are You Psychic Quiz – Guess the Right Number
This Are You Psychic Quiz  has you guessing a number between 1 and 7. In a way this is a future event psychic guessing game as the number you are trying to guess won't be generated until you click the link below. So, how good are your psychic powers? Take a second and ask yourself what the number is that will be generated as soon as you hit the link below? Take the "Are You Psychic Quiz" [...]
Developing Psychic Ability
This post features several videos to help you in developing psychic ability.  If you are looking to enhance your psychic power or just to open your mind to the possibility of increasing your mental powers or psychic abilities, then use these mind power videos as psychic exercises you can return to again and again. The first video above is a quick psychic ability or power doubler.   The hypnotic [...]
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