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Psychic Medium John Edward
Psychic medium John Edward is featured in this video amazing others with his psychic insight.    Famous psychic Edward is the author of numerous psychic books including Infinite Quest, Crossing Over, After Life, and Final Beginnings.   He has also been a guest on many talk shows.  In addition John had his own show, Crossing Over, in which he did psychic readings for a variety of folks including [...]
Can You Get Your Fortune Read at a Psychic Fair?
Have you ever been to a psychic fair?   And, can you really get your fortune read at one of these events? Psychic fairs vary in what they offer but usually feature an assortment of psychics, palm readers, astrology experts, tarot readers and more all giving psychic readings - usually mini ones.   Rates are usually lower than the normal rates and usually of a shorter duration.   The purpose being, [...]
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