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Did Psychic Vision Lead to Lotto Win?
Did one man's psychic vision lead to a lotto win?  A waiter at a Turkish restaurant in England claimed to have a psychic vision in which he saw the owner with a pile of money.   He urged the owner to play the lotto and the owner gave him money to buy a lotto ticket.  When the owner hit for 1.7 million there was a dispute about the lotto winnings.  A court ruled that he had to split the lotto winnings [...]
Woman’s Psychic Vision Helps Police Find Body of Missing Boy
Pam Ragland had a psychic vision that prompted her to call a search hotline and connect with police concerning the search for a missing boy in Riverside, California.   As the police drove her around she found the area in her dream and it was there that the body of the boy, 11-year-old Terry Smith, was found. Have you seen the psychic vision training in hypnotist Steve G. Jones Psychic Desire [...]
Psychic Visions, Cheating Spouses and Mobsters
Well, this post has a little bit of everything .  You've got the psychic visions of a mob wife that lead her to discover that her husband had been cheating on her.  Not only that but further psychic visions showed that the affair had produced a child! Fom the series I Married a Mobster in which these psychic visions are highlighted we originally had a video highlighting the story.  However, the [...]
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