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Quantum Jumping Meditation – Be the Super You
Just created a new Quantum Jumping Meditation video for you loosely based on the concept of Quantum Jumping.   What this positive motivation video does is give you affirmations that encourage you to be the best possible you - a Super You. The video is based on the premise that there are multiple alternate dimensions that may contain alternate versions of you.  This is loosely based on Burt Goldman's [...]
The American Monk Shares Secrets on Attracting Wealth
He is known as the American Monk and he is an expert on attracting wealth and manifesting his dreams and desires.  In this short 4 part video series he shares his wealth and money attracting secrets with you.   Who is the American Monk? The American Monk is also known as Burt Goldman.  Goldman has played many roles in his life and is currently most well known as the creator of the popular Quantum [...]
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