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Is ESP real?  Sony Thinks So
Is ESP real?  The answer is a resounding yes according to those who ran ESPER, the esp research project that Sony Corporation ran from 1990-1998.  ESPER stands for Extrasensory Perception and Excitation Research.  Great name as Esper is also the name of someone who has paranormal abilities and was apparently derived from a short story by Alfred Bester written in the 1950s. After the numerous [...]
Psychic Twins that Predicted 911
The psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center.  After their prediction in November of 1999, 22 months prior to the World Trade Center attacks, the twins say that their prediction were pretty much ignored. Many twins are said to have psychic or telepathic powers and that they are often guided by spirit guides.   Terry and Linda Jamison say they have "twin [...]
Video to Increase Psychic Power
Want to increase your psychic power?   Watch this hypnotic video designed to increase psychic power. This video to improve your psychic power comes with positive affirmations designed to help you boost your mind power.   Some of the psychic power affirmations include the following: Your mind is very powerful. You have the power to access alternate dimensions. You are powerful. You [...]
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