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Stand Back it’s Magnet Boy!
Nikolai Kryaglyachenko is a 12-year-old boy who claims he is a human magnet.  Is this "Magnet Boy" a superhuman? That question is open to debate. What started this phenomenon?   The boy was almost killed when he was electrocuted by touching a metal lamp post in his native Russia.  Since that day he found that metals would stick to his skin and that he would act like a magnet attracting objects [...]
Does His Mind Make Him the Strongest Man in the World?
Today we feature a gentleman some say is the strongest man in the world.  When you look at him you might not get the impression that he possesses super strength.   And, certainly compared to bigger bulkier giants he doesn't seem like he should be as strong.  But does his mind make him the strongest man in the world?   Watch the short videos featured here and you decide. The video above features [...]
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