Telekinetic Powers Freak Out

telekineticpowersWatch what happens when someone that appears to have amazing telekinetic powers demonstrates them in a busy coffee shop.  What would your reaction be if you saw what these people saw?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Now this telekinetic powers video is actually a really powerful ad for a new Carrie movie.  The next time you’re somewhere where someone is claiming telekinetic or psychic powers, just make sure you’re not the recipient of some hoax!

3 Responses to “Telekinetic Powers Freak Out”

  1. shanna says:

    This is not a real thing on the video, but i know there is people that can do this in real life.

  2. R C Puri says:

    I saw the vedio.
    Is it real? I mean the young lady’s talent.
    In the technologically advanced world of today
    photographic capabilities of experts are equally
    Please dont get me wrong,I have no intention of
    being a non-believer,but IS IT REAL??

    • says:

      Hi RC,

      Nope this one was definitely NOT real! It was just an interesting setup that they turned into an ad for the new Carrie movie. I just included it here because I loved the reactions that some people had to the woman’s “amazing powers!”

      all the best,


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