The American Monk Shares Secrets on Attracting Wealth

the American MonkHe is known as the American Monk and he is an expert on attracting wealth and manifesting his dreams and desires.  In this short 4 part video series he shares his wealth and money attracting secrets with you.   Who is the American Monk?

The American Monk is also known as Burt Goldman.  Goldman has played many roles in his life and is currently most well known as the creator of the popular Quantum Jumping program.  This program is designed to help you improve your current life by accessing “other yous” in alternate dimensions.   Now, I haven’t taken the Quantum Jumping program but am semi-familiar with this concept as I came across it years ago when reading some of Jane Roberts’ Seth books.

Anyway, in this short 4 part video series the American Monk will show you some techniques he uses to attract wealth.  Each video is short – only about 5 minutes.  The video series was originally planned for 3 parts but the day after he filmed the 3rd part he experienced an amazing manifestation so ended up taking a minute to discuss it in a 4th video!

You’ll find the first video in the series above and the next 3 below.





Hope you enjoyed these attracting wealth videos by the American Monk Burt Goldman.   Just click the link if you are interested in checking out his very popular Quantum Jumping program.

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  1. Hi, Burt.
    Thanks for all the help you give.

    Even as the LORD JESUS, the Greatest Teacher, Professor even GOD Himself of present, past and forevermore has taught.
    “KNOW, whatsoever you ask, not doubting in your heart, believe that you Have those things which you ask, you shall receive them”.

    A simple precept: Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat always!

    Thank you Burt

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