The Psychic Powers of Bigfoot?

Even though there have been thousands of sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch there is really as yet no definitive proof that the creature actually exists.  There are footprint casts, obscure video clips and images.   And see the video above for a new study by Melba S. Ketchum, a veterinarian who has studied 100 Bigfoot DNA samples,  and will supposedly reveal proof that Bigfoot is a hybrid of sorts between homo sapiens and an unknown primate.  However, amidst all the sightings and encouters there is now some evidence that this mythical creature may possess psychic powers of sorts.  Psychic Bigfoot?  If the creature does actually exist that may be a possibility.  We will look at what some of those that believe in a psychic Bigfoot claim as evidence of this theory.

Once you get past the standard Bigfoot encounters there are a number of bizarre psychic related theories floating around out there in regards to Bigfoot.  For instance, that he is from another dimension and has the ability to shift over to that other dimension at will, that Bigfoot sightings are often accompanied by ufo phenomena and that Bigfoot is working with extraterrestrials, that Bigfoot is telepathic and has the ability to communicate with those it comes in contact with, that Bigfoot is a guardian of nature on planet earth and has been granted with special powers to that end.

The Psychic Sasquatch Book

psychicbigfootAs crazy as some of these theories may seem especially concerning a creature that may or may not exist there are a number of folks who swear to each of the theories above based on personal encounters with a psychic Bigfoot.  In fact, in the late 90’s Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis a man who has meticulously researched Bigfoot for the last 55 years, wrote a book calledThe Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO connection.

The Psychic Sasquatch book details many of the incidents related above.  It is Lapseritis theory that one of the reasons physical evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been so hard to come by is that they are psychic intelligent creatures that have the ability to disappear at will.  In his research he has amassed a number of cases which support his theory.  One of his contentions, based on eyewitness accounts, is that Bigfoot works in conjunction with extraterrestrials as scouts.  Excerpts taken from his book available on his website include those below:

*In Wisconsin, eleven witnesses in two cars clearly saw a spaceship in a field and when it shot into the air, all saw a giant ape-like figure walking into the woods.

*In the summer of 1981, a family in Ohio discovered a 20″ long footprint in their woods and began having a long series of encounters with Bigfoot involving numerous witnesses.

Beginning in 1985, an Oregon family experienced ongoing communication and sightings with a family of Sasquatch, including UFO encounters.

On one of Lapseritis websites he relates an encounter that an entire family had with Bigfoots and ufos over a six year period in the late 70s and early 80s.  You can order the Psychic Sasquatch book from his site there.   Lapseritis also has a new book out detailing the interdimensional connection between psychic Bigfoot called The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection.  You can order that book at his website at


Connie Willis writing for Huffpost tells of her psychic bigfoot encounter while on what I believe was an expedition deep into the woods to try and find Bigfoot.  She notes that after falling asleep in the popup tent she was sleeping in, she was awoken when it  began to rock.  The other person in the tent was out cold and Willis then reported her psychic bigfoot encounter:

My body was frozen solid and then I realized something was standing at the end of where my feet were on the other side of this tent-smelling-skinny-winny-keep-you-from-rain canvas, but no keeping-you-from-big-hairy-creatures canvas. I felt what I believe were two big beings standing right outside where I was. I then heard what I later learned was called Mindspeak, “Well, here you go. This is what you came to see.” Yes, I heard that. I now knew what was inches away from me, my chance to see the legendary Bigfoot, and not just one but two. All I had to do was unzip the window and I would see them. I could feel them actually waiting for me to make my decision to do it. Then I did, I made my decision. I didn’t want to see them.

After having the thought that she didn’t want to see these two Bigfoot she reported that they disappeared.  You can read her full account on Huffpost here:  Connie Willis psychic bigfoot encounter.

Willis’ report is just one among a growing number that attribute some sort of psychic power to Bigfoot.  If they do exist and have psychic powers, it may be that this ability is what has helped them avoid detection for so long as the author of Psychic Sasquatch suggests.   What do you think?  Is Bigfoot out there and is it possible that it has psychic abilities of some sort?  Have you ever had an encounter yourself?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Okay, I came across a video filmed in September of 2012 by a camper in a tent that purports to show an actual Bigfoot face.  The video itself when slowed down is quite incredible and the best I’ve seen so far in the realm of Bigfoot images and video clips.  The video below comes from the Finding Bigfoot Facebook folks and in it they break down the San Antonio video for you.  I’m still on the fence about the validity of this one.  Logically I know that as more folks venture out into the woods we will get increasingly better videos and pictures of Bigfoot, especially with the fact that the cellphones and mini videocams of today make it so easy to get off a quick video.  Even with that, though, this video of the Bigfoot’s face almost seems too good to be true.  I don’t know!?  What do you think?  Is it a real Bigfoot??

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  1. […] trip and sensed two Sasquatches outside her tent. “This is what you came to see,” one of them said inside her brain, but Connie was too terrified to unzip the tent (or perhaps too unconscious to wake up). After […]

  2. jrock says:

    Hey All,

    Yes Bigfoot is telepathic. He comes from the planet Mars (google images has one pic, it is a “cardboard cutout” to confuse nasa lol. Wikipedia “yowie” the Australian aboriginal name for it. Many Aboriginals knew that he was “unearthly” as stated in that article. The best info on Bigfoot came last year with Lou Baldin’s book on Amazon “mars and the lost planet man”. Bigfoot like Chewbacca in starwars is a bounty hunter of this solar system. There’s a kernel of truth behind Chewbacca’s character. Bigfoot uses human and animal extracts to acclimatize to Earth quicker/metabolize Earth food quicker when they get here in their “fantastic ships”. They also have stealth technology. Some bigfoot are in spacesuits to look like a Bigfoot but some have a bigfoot inside.

  3. […] trip and sensed two Sasquatches outside her tent. “This is what you came to see,” one of them said inside her brain, but Connie was too terrified to unzip the tent (or perhaps too unconscious to wake up). After […]

  4. […] trip and sensed two Sasquatches outside her tent. “This is what you came to see,” one of them said inside her brain, but Connie was too terrified to unzip the tent (or perhaps too unconscious to wake up). After […]

  5. William Sewell says:

    This all has me really wondering. A Sasquatch used to look at me through my bedroom window when I was about 6 years old. It was in this same room that I had alien visitations. I never thought that they might be related. The house that this room was in was near the ” Big Thicket ” and in later years as I reflected upon this experience I figured the Sasquatch to simply be one of the many wild creatures that lived in this wilderness area. The alien visitations were simply abductions done to a child of a typical age at when this phenomena so often begins in the lives of those who experience alien abductions. I will definitely have to read ” The Psychic Sasquatch “. Thank you. Sincerely, William Sewell.

  6. Travis says:

    I believe a few humans are born with some telepathic abilities from our ancestors. Some humans have more, some have less or none. Our genetic dilution, generation after generation of domestication has weakened the natural instinct. It is neither encouraged nor acknowledged, thus acting much like an appendix, there but not needed. ESP would be a valuable survival tool, hence rewarded and passed on genetically in a true survival of the fittest situation. Humans have become a social or group animal, taking care of the weak, allowing them to survive and pass on their weaker genetics to the next generation. This hasn’t happened to the Sasquatch, the exact opposite has…ESP has been promoted genetically for thousands & thousands of years. They can communicate with each other from short distances and I believe they can pick up our general vibes. This sounds insane, I thought so as well until I experienced two cooperating on an approach and exit perfectly. How can you explain the vast numbers of human reports of ESP? It is a primal tool that rarely pops up in our genetic pool today. If you told a domesticated turkey that his wings allowed his ancestors to fly over 2 miles, he’d laugh and tell you no way. That would be until he ran into his wild cousin the wild turkey. His wings are fully functional and a survival tool. We can’t comprehend the amazing & “Superhuman” abilities of the deer’s nose, the eagle’s eyes, and the bat’s ears. Imagine if a brain took the same path in enhancement. Our top scientist today still can not completely understand or explain how our brains work. Then how can we understand the abilities of a undiluted, strengthened, and 100% functional Sasquatch brain? We are the dumb domesticated turkey who thinks his wings are just fine. I believe a Sasquatch’s brain has evolved into an amazing survival tool capable of way more than we can understand much like the other animals varied senses. Quite amazing if you allow yourself to ponder the possibilities & results of natural selection.

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