The Real Super Powers of Master Zhou

real super powersEnter the world of Master Zhou.  But is he a master of real super powers?   You decide!

One of Master Zhou’s supposed real super powers is his ability to withstand intense heat.  In the video above not only is the Master able to run his hand over a red hot bar but he actually sticks his tongue on it as well.

Zhou was to be featured on Stan Lee’s superhero show as a person with real super powers.   In another video I watched of Zhou he actually melted the water out of muddy water and blew away the dust!    Zhou is a grand master of Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi.  He is also a Qi Gong  healer known as the “Jewel of China.”

Zhou, in his 70’s has appeared on several tv shows that showcase super powers.  Some skeptics have labeled Zhou as a fraud and some claim that in some of his showy performances that he has mixed sodium hydroxide (lye) with water to react with tinfoil to produce the feeling of heat said to be generated by qi.   Whether that is true or not I don’t know.  However, a number of scientific tests have supposedly been done that seem to indicate that something supernatural may be going on with Zhou.   Which begs the question of why Zhou would have to resort to magic tricks if he truly had the power.  Who knows for sure – but some of the videos detailing Master Zhou’s exploits are amazing.

Watch the video above of Master Zhou and let us know – do you think he has real super powers?

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  1. Sito says:

    I don’t think he’s human. As the video slow down the biting of the metal, u can notice thatas he’s first bites the top half of his teeth begin to change, it looks like he was about to shape shift. Js

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