The Third Man Factor

third man factorThe Third Man Factor or Third Man Syndrome is the belief reported by some individuals in very traumatic or stressful situations that an invisible entity or spirit visits and accompanies them through these situations.

The Third Man Factor video above details one survivor’s encounter with just such a being.   This video highlights the story of Dr. Jim Sevigny who survived an avalanche.  As Dr. Sevigny notes in the video, without the help of this “third man” he would not have been able to survive.

Who are these third men?  Could they be spirit guides or guardian angels?  Nobody knows for sure but the reports are numerous and intriguing.


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  2. kamal says:

    yes i believe in this,it happened once in 1981,we were travelling to punjab,in INDIA,it was about 2am,we were travelling in a jeep,I and my mom were seated in the front seat,All of a sudden, a woman appeared,at first i thought she was for real,but she just came into the jeep,like a cloud,and then the jeep skidded, i was too shocked,what happend next was worse,the jeep had turned in such a way that it was facing the way we were coming from,the tyers of the jeep were on the edge of the road,which was about 25 feet deep down,We were all scared to death,There were 4 people seated in the backseat.Within seconds 2 men on bicycles appeared from nowhere,they asked us what happened an if we needed help,the driver said we are fine.We got out of the jeep and looked around ,to our utter shock there wasnt anyone out there,they just dissapeared, who they were ,where they came from,we all heard still shaking as im typing this,as for the woman she was a spirit or soul i guess,i still remember her face,she looked frozen,this memory still gives a shiver down my spine.

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