The Ultramarathon Man

Ultramarathon ManFolks who run marathons have long been lauded for their great endurance.   Then there is Dean Karnazes.  Karnazes is the Ultramarathon man.  Often Karnazes doesn’t stop at just 26 miles, he’ll keep going and going and going.  In fact, he once ran over 350 miles continuously.  The Ultramarathon Man is a superhuman runner of extraordinary capabilities.  Karnazes is also a New York Times best-selling author and was recently voted one of the top 100 most influential people by Time magazine!

In the video above Karnazes discusses how he really got started running marathons on his 30th birthday.  It’s a funny and motivating story.

Essentially, he was at a bar with some friends celebrating his birthday and he just decided he was going to go out for a 30 mile run at 11 at night.

The Ultramarathon Man had had a passion for running since a young age but hadn’t done anything with it in years.   His earliest recollection of running was doing it in kindergarten.   He ran his first marathon when he was 14 but then stopped running altogether.

An ultramarathon is anything over 26 miles.   The Ultramarathon Man states that he has run somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-200 marathons.  Karnazes is ultra fit and eats what is known as a slow carb diet.  He consumes a lot of salmon and has cut out most high fat and sugary foods.  If you are interested in checking out the Ultramarathon Man’s book at Amazon just click the banner below:

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