Video to Increase Psychic Power

Want to increase your psychic power?   Watch this hypnotic video designed to increase psychic power.

This video to improve your psychic power comes with positive affirmations designed to help you boost your mind power.

increase psychic power


Some of the psychic power affirmations include the following:

  • Your mind is very powerful.
  • You have the power to access alternate dimensions.
  • You are powerful.
  • You can access higher levels of thought.
  • You are psychic.
  • Your psychic power is constantly increasing.
  • Your psychic power doubles.
  • Your psychic power increases at a geometric rate.
  • You have psychic abilities.
  • You are psychic.
  • You are aware.
  • You are constantly increasing your psychic abilities.
  • Your psychic abilities are constantly expanding.
Gain more benefit by rewatching this video designed to increase psychic power on a regular basis.   If you want to bypass the conscious mind with these powerful messages try our Subliminal Messages video designed to improve psychic power here at Real Psychic Power.  It is filled with the same powerful mind power affirmations.

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  2. jerry says:

    Marco nailed my card, WOW. How did he do that ?

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