Weight Loss and the Mind

weightlossandthemindWhen dealing with the question of weight loss and the mind there seems to be some interesting evidence that hypnosis can work well.  In fact, the video above features Dr. Oz interviewing Dr. Paul McKenna who does hypnosis for weight loss.

What is interesting about the weight loss hypnosis he does is that he uses an actual weight loss surgery technique as the basis for the hypnosis.  Gastric band surgery uses a gastric band to constrict the stomach.   The hypnosis for weight loss that Dr. McKenna uses does the same thing.  He programs the mind to think that this gastric band has occurred.   The fact that the people seem to experience similar sypmtoms to those that get the actual surgery leads to all sorts of speculation about what could possibly be accomplished using this same technique for other prohlems.

For instance, many of those that have experienced this gastric band hypnosis report getting fuller faster just as those who have had the actual surgery report.  And, like those that have had the surgery, they report rapid weight loss.

Again, this whole concept not only shows the power of the mind to influence the body, but it has broader implications for using the technique to treat all sorts of other physical ailments using certain surgeries as the basis.  How much can it accomplish remains to be seen and to what it extent it can work, but the whole idea is definitely fascinating.  Now, of course you wouldn’t want to do some of these hypnotic techniques based on surgeries without consulting a physician first, but the concept is worthy of further exploration.

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