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weirdpsychicpowers1Do you have any weird psychic powers?    If you do please let us know in the comments section below.  In fact, if you have any psychic powers – strange or not – let us know.  I’ve got a couple of weird psychic powers of  my own one of which I’ll detail below.  They are nothing spectacular but all the same strange.

As you’ve seen here on we’ve featured a number of folks with reported powers, psychic and otherwise.  Many fall into the realm of standard psychic powers like those possessed by the 10 humans with superpowers.   We’ve featured those who seem to have predicted the future like the psychic twins who predicted 911.   You’ve seen those who give apparently accurate psychic readings like the Long Island Psychic.   We showcased psychic detective Annette Martin who helped solve crimes and there was psychic John Holland who seemed to be able to tune into past events.   All fairly standard stuff – at least in the realm of psychic powers lol!

But, we also looked at some weird stuff as well.  For instance the secret psy ops groups of now famous remote viewers who could locate and detail information on distant locations without being there physically.  Then we attempted to dissolve clouds with our minds, another kind of strange or weird psychic power.   As if all that wasn’t bizarre enough we looked at the psychic powers of pets and even ventured a theory on the possible psychic powers of Bigfoot.  Strange things are afoot…literally.  Curiouser and curiouser it all becomes until my weird little psychic powers don’t seem that weird at all.   I’m sure you have some of your own so please feel free to share them whether they are standard psychic fare or something you’ve never heard of before!

Anyway, one of my weird psychic powers is a little bit different from the common psychic power of knowing you are going to see a friend or get a call from a friend before you actually do.   In the standard version of this psychic power folks will have a  premonition that they will soon  be talking to a long lost friend or relative or even one they talked to on a regular basis but weren’t  necessarily expecting a visit or call from.   My version is a little bit different – and weird…

Now in my weird version of this psychic power I see someone who reminds me of a person I know.  It’s kind of strange because they usually look like the person I know.  Invariably I’ll end up seeing that person I know within 24-48 hours.  It took me two or three times of having this happen before I began to realize what was going on.  Now, if I see someone who looks a lot like someone I know I start to expect to see that person I know.  It doesn’t always happen but it happens enough that it seems to be fairly likely something is going on.  Maybe my subconscious mind knows I’m going to run into the person I know and sets my mind to focus in on someone who looks like them.  Who knows – the only thing I know is that it is a bit weird.  You ever have something like this happen to you?  If so, let me know in the comments section below.

I guess my weird psychic power is relatively tame.  I’ve heard of some strange stuff like people losing items and then finding them in places they’ve already looked, folks visiting towns from the past,  having visions of alternate realities, and the list goes on and on.  And, if you haven’t visited our psychic dreams that come true page you’ll want to check that out.  Over 150 comments from our readers who have had psychic dreams that came true.

Anyway, please take a sec and share your own weird or not so weird psychic powers or any strange or psychic occurrences that you may have had.


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  1. Brissa says:

    I’m 15 and honestly I’ve been confused my entire life about my powers.In 2nd grade,I started seeing ghost and nobody believed me,except my grandma.My parents thought I was hallucinating which wasn’t the case.My grandma new about and although she didn’t see ghosts along with her sisters,my great great grandma was reportedly a healer and my grandma on my dad side knows magic.It probably skipped through the generations?Anyway,seeing ghosts at a young age scared me and was something I’m kinda trying to grow out of it.The dark would scare because I would see shapes moving but now I’m pretty used to it.If seeing powers was normal,I’ve had dreams come true and predict some stuff in my life.I dreamed of going to a certain store in my town and remembering clearly and a few months later actually going to a store that was exactly the same as my dream.Even the people!In 8th grade,I started jinxing so many things accidentally,if I would say your poster would come late it would.I kinda did it to my friend and it was accident.Ive made it rain and control weather a lot as well as just knowing that the phone is gonna ring or am gonna get a text message.

    I don’t know if it’s normal but I accidentally placed a curse on a girl,she would bully me so I said I wish a demon would go to her house and turns out,it did.She came to school trlling everyone there was a bad spirit in her house and I regret.I did not know it was actually gonna happen since I was little.Constantly see things move in the air,there’s nothing there but I just know something is there.I don’t know how to describe it.I have very lucid dreams and talked to ghosts I presume.Ive heard voices in my head sometimes and those just freak me out sometimes because they actually comment on things and all that.It mostly happens when I’m falling asleep though.The dreams are so lucid I sometimes think it’s real.I can see a little aura and feel ones emotion without actually experiencing how it actually feels like to personally.Whatever I say will come true in the future..sometimes.I hope I know if their normal or not.

  2. Holly says:

    So every so often I get these dreams about major infulences on everyone’s lives as the night before 9/11 I had a dream about a plane crashing into a building not realising that this building was the 1st tower of the two. It was exactly 24 hours before the first one got hit as I wrote down he time and what happened on a piece of paper beside my bed for these accounts exactly. I decided to go back to sleep and I had another dream about the other tower and I remember so vividly of this man saying it’s coming down and everyone but me running and I saw the building come down in a wave of smoke and then waking up. Once again I wrote this down.
    I got on with my day as normal and then I heard on the radio of the horrible event unfolding and my mum turning in the TV in time to see the second plane hit and all of a sudden I saw the man on TV saying it’s coming down and the camera cutting off.
    The weirdest thing was I live in the UK and dissent even know what he World Trade Center was until this day and since then I have had other vivid dreams almost memories of horrific events that have happened in the world like earthquakes and even me getting awful grades at college and school.
    I don’t think of it much but still write down my dreams .

  3. P says:

    I also have this ability that comes and goes at a certain time, that I can communicate telepathically, usually to my own family members, but every now and then would be people I work with. For example, I own a house that my brother & sister renting a room from me. Rent is due at the end of every month. Once either they had forgotten that their rent were due, the checks weren’t on the kitchen counter when I got home. I didn’t say anything to them. We normally don’t say much to each other. I decided to wait another day. So, while I was at work, I was telling them in my head that when I get home, the checks needed to be on the counter, and I was telling my sister, in my head, of the thing I wanted her to cook that evening. Guess what? I got home, the checks were on the counter, and the food that I was wanting to eat, she happened to cook that night. How weird, right? There’s more…The latest incident happened yesterday, November 1st, 2016, while I was at work.

    I needed to take 2 vacation days on the 15th & 16th, but I have not yet ask my supervisor. I was going to ask her next week. While I was in the restroom, I was THINKING of what day I should ask her, but I mentioned to my co-worker already. Anyway, I was done using the restroom and went back to my office and the phone rang! It was my supervisor, calling me to ask if I wanted the 15th & 16th off, because Martha had mentioned to her. Weird!

    Then while I was counting money ( I count lots of money, it’s my job) a thought popped up in my head about some mothers teaching their children of the children’s misdeeds, by having them hold up signs on the street, as “I AM A DUMMY FOR SKIPPING SCHOOL, or I AM A BULLY” etc. Once I got done working and had a down time, I googled to play games, and an advertisement popped up on the upper right hand corner, with a little white boy holding up a yellow sign that said I AM A BULLY on it. What do you think of that?

    I have so many more coincidences to share, but it will have to be another time. Peace out:)

  4. P says:

    I have this “ability” that I’ve noticed happened often. It’s weird & I can’t figure out the purpose of my having this “ability.” Here it is. Every so often when I drive pass a light pole, if the light is off, as my car reaches that pole, the light will turn ON. It doesn’t happen to the car in front of mine, or the ones behind. There was this one particular pole, just a tad to the East of West 47th Street Church, when I drove by to take my sister to work at 4:50 a.m., if the light was ON, as I drove pass, it will turn OFF. Also, there is a light pole not too far from Kroger, where I sometimes take a short cut after I dropped her off, this pole with the light OFF, it came ON as my car passes. On 47th Street, it happens quite regularly. Sometimes it happens around 9 p.m. when I just driving home from work. If it is OFF, it will turn ON and if is ON it will turn OFF.

    It happened on Interstate 30 (twice) south bound, on Pike (twice) north bound, off Levy ramp (twice) north bound, and just this past Monday, on the on ramp, Interstate 40, west bound. The only explanation I can think of is when I was about 9 or 10, I poked my wet finger into the light socket that the cover was missing, just out of curiosity, and I was shocked, but apparently survive the incident. It gets really bad for me during the winter, when I would have really bad static to everything I happen to touch. I dread the winter, especially when I have to fill up tank. Imagine what can happen, you know, electricity static & gasoline. I pray that it will NEVER come to that.

    Oh, and once when I was sitting on my bed, just below the ceiling fan with four bulbs, talking on the phone with my mother, suddenly, the lights and the fan in my room just turned on by itself and it spun with the high force. I thought my house was haunted then. Now I know, it probably was me who caused all the commotions!

  5. Tim says:

    I swear to freaking God I can heat my hands up with just focusing on it, sometimes it even burns as feeling but the real temperature is then quite high but not as high as it feels.

    I really want someone to tell me what it is or talk about it because it frightens me sometimes

    Anyone welcome to talk to me about it at:

  6. Pete Mendez says:

    Cloud buster

  7. Hello all. I have looked and looked and can’t seem to find anyone who has heard of my strange ability, here it goes. Everything puts off a energy signature, people, animals and ghosts. As a child, I learned how to feel around me for this energy, like a sub pinging for a target. I did this because most of the ghosts scared my identical twin sister and me. Can only can reach out maybe around 200 feet. The internet did not exist, parents were useless because they did not believe, we were on our own and because of it, I was able to hone in my ability. There are a lot of ghosts out there, a lot. Part of a paranormal investigator team, everyone knows the #1 rule. If I say run, you better be in front of me running or right behind me running, because I’m not waiting for you. The energy signature also tells me how strong it is, I’m not stupid for there are some really scary things in the dark. Some call me a human EMF reader. It’s the reason I do a first walk through of a investigation, my job is to see if it is a real haunting, don’t want to waste the teams time and money on a non haunting. Ghosts are attracted to my energy, it is the reason I get EVP’s, so many in fact I feel like their personal answering service. It’s the ghosts way of letting me know for sure, they are there. Very interested in talking with others about a psychic ability not listed anywhere, I have never met anyone else who could do what I can. Boo U Later

  8. anonymous says:

    I can see people’s thoughts and memories and feel and hear all the pain they went through and I can see what kind of future there going to have its very upsetting alot of people I see have sad depressing futures this has caused me to have anxiety alot!

  9. michelle says:

    I have the ability to dream and they come true. abilities to read what others think. The ability to know when I am getting a visit from a stranger. I have lived in a lot of haunted homes. I dream of other countries and other times . past present or both.

  10. Benjamin says:

    my abilities started when I was about 10 years old. It started with me having visions, I would have a vision 1 or more times a day. The vision would sometimes be of the future, and sometimes of the very distant past sometimes biblical times. the visions would always start the same way I would be going through out my day as any normal person would do and out of no where everything before my eyes would turn to a bright white light as if i was travel through a tunnel of white light. When the light would disapate it was as if i was there in that time and in that space, I could smell, feel, taste, touch, and sense everything around me it was as if i was actually there. At first I thought i was crazy and didn’t tell anyone of my visions because I was not sure if what was happening was real. until one day Me and my family were at the movies and while i was going to the bathroom I had a vision that my younger brother was going to be acting silly and dancing around outside of the movies and was walking very fast in front of me and my parents and that he was going to step out onto the road and be struck by a fast moving black truck who would blow the stop light. When we walked out of the Theater the vision I just had was coming true, my brother was acting silly and dancing around and walking very fast in front of us and I screamed at my brother to stop, and he did and at that exact second a big black truck came flying through the intersection without stopping. That was when I knew that what I was seeing was not my imagination but something that was very much real. the vision continued throughout my adolescense, then when I was about 14 years old, I was watching the movie the passion of the Christ and I had a vision in the vision I ran to Jesus he was carrying the cross and being whipped, he was beaten and bloody. I looked him in the eyes and he said to me do not fret for me my child for what you are witnessing before you today has already come to pass. You my child your Destiney will soon be revealed to you in the coming years. He smiled once more at me whipped the tears from my right eye and boom I was back in my body and back in the theater. He was much more beautfiul than that of the pictures we display in our churches, his hair not quite that long, his face only minor stuble of beard, his eyes vibrant blue with hues of what seemed to be from all eye pigments.his face was not as long as in the pictures, his skin was not quite white either he was kind a mild milky caramel color to his skin. if you see the movie heaven is for real the girl who paints his picture is almost to a t exactly as I saw him in my vision. That was the last vision I ever had. a few years later instead of vision I started to get images of things, I at times expecially when meeting new people I get images of their lives/ personality. Just by simply meeting someone once I could get a direct sense of whether they we a good person or not. For example my brother brought a friend over to play video games and in just a few seconds of meeting him i knew he liked to steal things, that he had an obsession with taking things that were not his. and sure enough as he was leaving i had this feeling that my mom should check her purse and the 200 dollars she had in there was missing. and who do you think had the money on them, this kid that my brother brought over. I still have these intuition feelings today and I’m 27 years old. I feel as i get older expecially in my career as a massage therapist I seem to devlope new and strange abilities. One for example that i kind of fear and dont much care for, is that i can see the death clocks of people who are Ill with cancer or disease and have a few weeks to a few years left to live. and not always does this person have to be sick, sometimes i see the clock without any indication that they could be dying. This actually scares me some, because I seen the death clock of my grandmother this last year, i saw that she only had 3 months left and almost 3 months to the day that i saw that clock she lost her battle from cancer. I met this mother and her baby at a birthday party and upon meeting them I got this sense that the baby was not going to have a future i saw that something was going to happen and that the clock would end in 2 weeks and sure enough 2 weeks later the baby died from physical harm caused by his own mother. another thing I have developed over the last few years is that if i want and focus on any one person in the room whether i know who they are or not i can feel their emotion at that moment I can feel their energy, i see what makes then sad, mad, happy, joyful,what drives them, it is as if i can read them like a book and know alot about that person. This however i find that i can control and even ignore when i meet people. but the death clocks that I see I cannot control when, who, or why I see them I just know that I don’t like seeing it.

    the reason I am writing on the page is that i would like to meet people who have similar abilities and maybe it would allow me to understand more about myself. sorry I am terrible at grammar sorry for my miss spellings and punctuation.

    • P says:

      Hi Benjamin. I think your abilities are amazing, and you should hone yours to help people. I have something happened to me, quite similar to you, that I saw Jesus, in my room, TWICE. The weirdest thing is that I am not a religious person, but I try my best to follow the ten commandments. I hardly go to church, but I keep God, ALWAYS, in my heart. Anyway, this is how I saw Jesus…

      I have an older brother, who seems to have been born with a dark cloud hovering over him. All his life, he can’t seem to stay away from troubles. My family tried so hard to help him, but he’s still a wayward person. He said he doesn’t believe in God, but you know, he has to know God exists, in order for him to deny God. We pray for him, that the merciful God will guide him, lead him, and direct his path. He would get drunk often, done something he shouldn’t have done, got arrested, was jailed awaiting trial.

      My mother, though disappointed in her son, still deeply concerns about him. He broke her heart with his actions, and it broke my heart to see my mother suffers because of him. So, my good friend and I went to see this (phony) psychic (my friend thought this person was so accurate, but I found him to be a fake), who, though we didn’t learn anything from him, yet, the only good advice he gave me was to read Psalm 91, seven times a day, for seven days, that thing will work out right for my brother, and so I did.

      The day before my brother’s trial, around midnight, I felt as if there was an earthquake. My carpeted room felt as if a dog was chasing a cat, you know, I was hearing the screech & scratches as if it was a wooden floor. The broken brass knob of my bed was shaken, and I was scared out of my mind. I pulled the cover over my head and shut my eyes,yet something was forcing me to look at the foot of my bed. I pulled off the cover, and looked, and standing there was Jesus. He smiled at me. He had a light gray hooded vertical deep gray lines robe on. His hair was brown, deep brown to be exact. His eyes were steel gray with golden, green, and brown specks in them. His jaws were rather square, and when he smiled at me, there were two laugh lines on each side of his cheek. He had strong, even teeth. He doesn’t look as old as what I see on the cross. There was a glowing warm white light around him. I stared in disbelief, that He would appeared to someone like me. He seemed to know what I was thinking. Then he reached out his left hand toward me as if to invite me to come toward Him. I looked at his hand and in the middle of the palm there was a hole in it, because the light came through it. I screamed, pulled the cover over my head again and started to say The Lord’s Prayer. Then I peeked, He was gone.

      Needless to say, my brother won the case. He came home & my mother did the cleansing to rid him of the negativity he seems to have around him, before he enters the house. That night, the same commotions happened again about the same time, and I knew then what to expect. I looked down at the foot of my bed, and there He was, Jesus, standing to right side of my bed this time, and just looking at me, with the somber looks on His face, as if to say, it will be alright now, then He was gone. Just disappeared into the air. Was I shock? Yes, of course, with the wondering of why He would appear to someone like me, and in hindsight, it was because I prayed for someone else instead of for myself, and that’s why I think I’ve been blessed to see Jesus. I hope my story helps you to understand your gift/abilities a bit. Peace be unto you.

  11. Amanda says:

    Hi everyone i really dont understand whats going on with me. I know when someone is upset without even looking at them i already know. Umm ive see things that are not normal. I have dreams of people i will eventually meet. I have dreams where i can see through someone eleses eyes. Like one time i had a dream and i thougth it was me it wasnt it was my brothers ex gf i seen her in bed as though i was going through it myself she couldnt breath she was taken by ambulance they left her in the room still not being able to breath. Well my brother called a few weeks later talking to my mom about it i called him later that day and describe what the hospital looked like what the waiting room looked like and which room she was in. He wasnt suprised at all. One time i was working in a nursing home it was lunch time i told the lady i was working with what was going to happen and she freaked because after i told her not even an hour later she was angery and told us we had to stay late. Which i had told my cowork before hand. I know whenan animal is going to die because i see flashes of them in the room with me and the animals where outside. So yes i freak out even after the frist dream when i was 6 years old.

  12. Emily says:

    I noticed years ago that I would talk about something or think about someoneand then I would either hear about the subject I was talking about and it was always something obscure like one time I was talking about Corey Haim or thinking about Corey Haim I mean and then someone mentioned him like two days later and, and then in a while I’ll usuallyhear from them. I learned recently that this is because of energetic cords are created I need other Jetta chords transcend time and space which is why they seem like they come in beforehand because time only exists in this dimension so we can make sense of fact time is not linear, it’s more like twisted and curved which is why we are able to predict things before they happen because in the sense that already happened and energy transcend all that. I have an annoying ability that I’m not too fond of and that is that I feel the pains of other people physically. I’m a Reiki Master and I was told that I won’t be picking up on other peoples issues when I do Reiki but I have found that to not be true with me.I can also see his other dimensions from time to time it is not constant. but I can feel shift in energy like I know when I’m getting messages from my spirit guides because it feels like a warm tingly uplifting feeling it used to be in between my ears at the top of my spine but lately its move down to my heart. I like to call my self my own pendulum since I’m really only good at discerning yes and no answers. I can feel when angels are near it feels different than spirit guides and spirits. I used to use pendulums but when I develop the clairsentience, the pendulumstarted becoming unreliable cuz I think my guides want me torely on my own abilities and not the pendulum. I can also feel the energy from crystals. What’s weird is that my abilities are constantly changing and sometimes somewhere more intense and then they disappear and then they come back a little different. I would love some consistancy and even would love a constant increase in them. I try to exercise them everyday so they get stronger, but lately if anythingthey seem weaker and I’m trying to figure out why but I don’t know. Does anybody have any suggestions? I really want to work on thembecause I’d actually like to make a career out of this.

  13. Celia says:

    Hi Ray,

    That is so amazing, you have a special gift.

    I would like to make a comment on the above heading. I have also had psychic dreams that do come true. I had a dream 3 months before that unfortunate event of september 11th. that i was standing with my mother in New York and all of a sudden one of the twin towers just came crashing down and then I turned to my mother and asked her why did it happen but as soon as i said that to her, God was pointing his finger at the other tower and immediately the next one came down. I had never even been to New York but we were to go the day before this happened but was delayed because a friend was away and was due to go with us and his flight was delayed.

    I have also the same happening to me where I dream of some event and it would be going on at that moment exactly the same time. Also, dream of people who I have not met and then meet. dreaming of places, then going there exactly like in the dream and many more.

    I also sense spirit where I can feel them around and smell. List goes on.

    Thanks for reading


  14. Luke says:

    Hey ,

    My thing is,
    I can sometimes feel what others are feeling physically, if they have a sore foot,
    my foot picks up the pain, kind of like an anteena.It could even be the are carrying a heavy shopping
    bag , i may feel the pressure of the bag on my hand.
    Also if someone is looking at me, eg a logo on my shirt, I will physically feel where they are looking, not so good all the time, as you can imagine.
    Haven’t worked out how to make money from it yet, no not healing, and yes money is important.

    Have a nice day regards Luke

  15. Raymond says:

    I have experienced different things over the years some coming and going!

    Saying that there is one thing which has stuck with me!!!!!! I have a number of mobiles dream catchers etc either suspended from the ceiling or on a shelf!
    I would say about 99% of the time they will start to spin left to right or rotating completely depending on what it is!
    I have found that with practise I can stop them in mid rotation getting to turn it in the opposite direction! I can do this approximately 12 feet away from the object.


    • admin says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for sharing! What you do with the mobiles is very interesting, cool, and weird all at the same time.


      • Ray says:

        Hi Bob and thanks for replying.

        Yes this movement of objects simply by looking at them is kind of strange….I guess! the thing is there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there regarding this!
        I first got started with this with Uri Gellers website making a Energy Star,by putting your hands around it this would make it spin, I also found out that they would spin simply by looking at them from the other side of the room.
        Getting answers about things can be somewhat frustrating and the best answer regarding this seems to be Kundalini Energy! how it is actually working for me is just beyond me…..I mean how on earth can I get it to stop in mid rotation and turn the other way amazes me!……its a bit like an air brake it stops without recoil.
        Anyhow I’ve gone on a bit but if you ever wanted videos on these movements I could send you one

        Have a great day


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