What is Mindflex?

what is mindflexWhat is Mindflex you ask?  Well, depending on who you talk to it is either a mind power game which allows you to move a floating ball around various obstacles or it is a monumental waste of money.  Based on the Amazon reviews it might just be the latter as the 1 star (worst rating) reviews outrank the 5 star (best rating) reviews.

It was with high hopes that I looked into possibly purchasing the game from Amazon.  Cool I thought, another way to train the mind! Essentially, you attach a headset to your head and it is supposed to be able to read your brainwaves as you alternate between concentrating intently and relaxing your mind.  In theory you can then control the floating ball with your brain power maneuvering it through various obstacles that you setup.

Unfortunately, after watching several video reviews and combing through the Amazon reviews I decided against purchasing the Mindflex.  It looks like a great idea in theory and maybe it is a great toy.  However, I can’t justify the purchase with so many negative reviews.   If you own one please leave a review here to let us know your experience with this toy.

The video above highlights one glaring problem with the Mindflex.  It appears that the ball is able to move on it’s own without your mind entering into the equation!   It may just be a pre-programmed air flow machine that moves the ball through various obstacles on it’s own!  If it is not and someone has a different experience with it please let us know because something like this if it actually worked would make for some great mind training!

What is mindflex?  A brilliant idea that is at the present time apparently short on execution…

To see the product and read some of the reviews to draw your own conclusion just click the banner below.

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