Who is John of God?

who is John of GodWhat got me interested in answering the question of Who is John of God?  Well, although I’ve heard of him and seen some healing videos of him in action, it was because I was listening to a beautiful music track by Gerald Jay Markoe off Markoe’s Healing Energy cd.  The entire production was said to be blessed by John of God and that notion piqued my interest in him further!

Who is John of God?  John of God is a medium renowned for his healings and known as the Miracle Man of Brazil.   Thousands of people have come to him in an effort to be healed.  The documentary videos and trailers featured here show the mysterious healer John of God in action.

Many have claimed that John of God is a miracle worker who has healed them.  Skeptics say that while healings may have occurred that it is only the “placebo effect” in action.  Whether his psychic surgeries are real or only an illusion the fact remains that many come away after seeing John of God feeling in some way better.   Whether he is doing the healing or simply activates one’s own healing who knows for sure.

John of God claims no healing power of his own but states thus,

“I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.” – John of God.

Some estimates are that he may have directly or indirectly played a part in the healings of millions over the past 4 decades.

3 Part John of God Video Documentary




For more information on John of God, I’ve come across the websites below.  Some folks offer tours to visit the city in Brazil in which he sees folks.  According to all reports, John of God does not charge anyone to see him.

John of God healing website

John of God featured on Oprah’s site

John of God basic info 

The question of who is John of God is a mystery.   In the end it may be a question that can only be answered by those he has helped.

If you are interested in looking at Gerald Jay Markoe’s Healing Energy cd on Amazon that is “blessed by John of God” check out the link below:

Healing Energy

who is John of God Videos

Primetime Trailer for John of God segment

John of God on Primetime trailer

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