Wim Hof – Superhero Ice Man

Wim Hof icemanWim Hof is a real superhero known as the Ice Man.   Watch the video above to see some of his extraordinary feats.

The video opens with Wim Hof  running in Lapland 20 miles north of the Arctic Circle.   Amazingly he is running without a shirt or shoes and the temperature is -26 degrees celsius.

How does Wim Hof withstand the extreme cold temperatures?  He says that he uses the power of his will to regulate the thermostat that he visualizes in his mind.  This incredible ability of mind over matter has earned Wim Hof the moniker of the Iceman.

The video shows Wim Hof training to run a half marathon in mid winter in his bare feet in Lapland.   As part of the lead up to the attempt a Finnish doctor tests the Iceman’s ability to withstand cold temperatures and is amazed by the result.

Wim Hof successfully completed the challenge and is actually a world record holder in 9 different events.

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