Your Amazing Mind

Your Amazing MindYour mind is an amazing thing.  In this Your Amazing Mind video you get a combination of positive powerful mind affirmations blended with a high energy music background.  The Your Amazing Mind video also features some brain power and mind power video clips along with some flashing mind power images.

Below are the mind power affirmations you’ll find repeated in the Your Amazing Mind video.

You have a powerful mind.
You make it a habit to always be learning.
You love to learn.
Your constant learning yields amazing results.
Your mind is capable of miracles.
Miracles occur every day.
You are miraculous.
You have an amazing powerful mind.
The power of your mind is infinite.
You have access to the universal mind.
Your mind flows with power.
Your mind flows with power.
You have a powerful mind.
You choose to think smart.
You choose to act smart.
You make smart choices.
You absorb information quickly.
Your brain works at full capacity.
Your mind is powerful.
You have a powerful mind.
You are creative.
Your mind makes brilliant connections.
You are brilliant.
Your mind flows with infinite power.
Your mind flows with power.
You are powerful.
You are powerful.
You are decisive.
You are brave.
You are bold.
You are a person of power.
You are a person of passion.
You radiate a magnificent aura.
You are a powerful presence.
You think beautiful thoughts.
You flow with charisma.
You are charismatic and energetic.
You have high energy.
You network and connect with other brilliant people.
Smart people are attracted to you.
Smart people recognize your brilliance.
You always strive to get better.

Hope you enjoyed this Your Amazing Mind video.    Hopefully this helps you realize you have an amazing powerful mind and that you can do wonderful things to help yourself and others!

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  1. denise says:

    What a wonderful tool … Light or Dense … we choose …United we stand, divided we fall …

  2. Weslife says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and powerful video.. I am grateful a website like this even exist. Please keep up the great work of helping people such as myself and unlimited others… I can’t thank you enough…

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